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Ride Now Pay Later With Little Pesa

Picture this: cruising through the streets on your brand new electric bicycle without the burden of upfront costs. Now you can! eBee Africa has

8 Ways to Save Money by Riding an eBee Electric Bicycle

A Comprehensive Guide to Saving Money with eBee e-bikes In today’s world, where every shilling counts, everyone is looking for ways to save money.

Ride now, pay later! Get your eBee e-bicycle now with Hakki

While the rise of e-bikes has undeniably transformed urban commuting, a common reservation among potential buyers remains the initial investment. Many view e-bikes as

What is needed for Kenya to speed up the adoption of eBee’s.

Through its Mobility-as-a-Service concept, eBee is making (electrically power-assisted cycles, or EPACs) affordable and accessible to millions of Africans who use two-wheelers to generate

Creating a valid legal framework around e-bikes in Kenya

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