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Who we are

eBee is a pan-African e-mobility company.  The company was founded in late 2021 in Kenya and is now operational with electric bicycles in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. We sell and rent our e-bicycles and also operate a fleet of last mile delivery riders, creating green jobs for women and youth.

Why eBee e-bicycles?

Electric bicycles are 2 to 3 times more affordable than petrol motorbikes. They are also the most efficient vehicle for last mile deliveries and a proven solution for logistics and commute across the world. Additionally, charging them is as fast, easy and affordable as charging a phone.



Lead the adoption of light-electric vehicles in Africa with 1 million e-bicycles on the road and create 150k direct jobs.


  • Create durable jobs, especially for unemployed women and youth
  • Economically empower people and businesses through affordable e-mobility
  • Grow clean mobility to reduce CO2 emissions and pollution in congested African cities
Handsome Kenyan man riding an eBee electric bicycle through the bustling streets of Nairobi on a cool evening. Headlight of the eBee on, he smiles subtly.

1 million eBees on the road by 2030

eBee is offering eco-friendly solutions for Africa’s growing cities. Our goal is to have 1 million electric bicycles across our streets – which means better air quality and livelihoods for everyone across the value chain.

Acting on UN's Sustainable Development Goals for a better tomorrow

We’re leading the way in sustainable mobility, empowering individuals and protecting our planet. eBee e-bicycles are accessible and affordable alternatives to motorbikes. By reducing operating costs, we’re helping individuals boost their income and unlock financial freedom. Our commitment to eco-friendly mobility ensures zero emissions, paving the way for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

From home to Nairobi escapades: Dad adjusts the eBee Nyuki's e-bicycle carrier with a loving smile, his daughter's infectious laughter filling the air. Mom observes with sparkling eyes, eager to embark on their eco-friendly family adventure through vibrant streets.
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Powering the future of mobility in Africa


Isidoor Maljers

CPO, Co-Founder

Olivia Lamenya

GM Kenya


Sten van der Ham

CEO, eBee International

Jaap Maljers

Non-Executive Director

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