Empowering people and business through mobility

eBee is a for profit e-mobility company with a strong social outlook and an impactful mission


200,000 direct jobs for unemployed women and youth


Saving 6,500,000 emissions to reduce air pollution

> 1,000,000

Economically empowering businesses & people through affordable e-mobility with 1,000,000 e-bicycles on the road

Path 2676

Why eBee?

Elevate your mobility with our integrated full-service e-mobility solution. Benefit from advanced connectivity with our integrated data management and fleet software and enhance your journey with expert training for riders and mechanics.


1st e-bicycle designed and assembled in Africa

Commuter Model

Cargo Model

Data Management

Connected Battery

Fleet management software and app

Rider & Service Network

Electric bike mechanic training

Local assembly and repairs

Commercial skills and traffic safety training for riders

Technical certification for eBee service partners

Our Story

eBee was founded in 2022 by Jaap Maljers, Isidoor Maljers, Joost Boeles and Sten van der Ham who saw bicycles as tools for transformative change. They believed that every man and woman should have the opportunity to do business in an environment free from congestion and pollution, and personally grow.

Today, eBees are providing a reliable, convenient and more affordable commuting alternative for busy urban lifestyles as well as cost-effective and green delivery solutions for businesses in addition to steady income for delivery riders.

With three business models: sales, full service delivery and rental, eBee is leading the transition to sustainable transportation across Africa, one city at a time.

Our e-bicycles are creating new possibilities and enabling everyone who rides them to take paths they have never taken before.

Jan 2022

Established eBee Kenya

Mar 2022

Tested various electric bicycles from Europe and a variety of business models

Apr 2022

Founded the eBee e-bicycle academy to boost job creation among women and youth

May 2022

Built relationships with key food delivery platforms in Kenya

Aug 2022

Created a fast and reliable supply chain

Sept 2022

Designed the 1st African electric bicycle

Oct 2022

Started offering Full Service Delivery to major e-commerce platforms

Jan 2023

Set up a modern assembly facility & received Kenya Government accreditation

Mar 2023

Developed an in-house smart battery outperforming others

June 2023

Established relationships with micro-finance companies to boost affordability

July 2023

Set up offices in Uganda and Rwanda

Our leadership team

Sten van der Ham

CEO, Founder & Shareholder

Experienced CEO with a background in the Bicycle industry (Accell Group) and Telecoms (Vodafone) across many geographies.

Jitte de Vries

CFO & Shareholder

Experienced CFO with a background in FMCG (Heineken), Animal nutrition (Nutreco) and Biotech across many countries, including Nigeria.

Christiaan Pleijsier

CEO, Founder & Shareholder

Country Manager Uganda & Rwanda Strong background in consumer marketing (Unilever). Valuable Africa experience (DRC, Uganda).

Orlando Lyomu

Chairman eBee Kenya

CEO and MD of Standard Media Group, Kenya’s largest media conglomerate.

Jaap Maljers

Founder & Shareholder

Very seasoned entrepreneur in high-tech health care. In Africa he was previously involved in Care Pay (health insurance).

Vera Vos-Lexmond


Experienced Marketing and Corporate Communications Director who shares an enormous passion for Africa and sustainability.

Improving liveability in Africa's crowded cities

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