Frequently Asked Questions


Currently we lease our ebees at a rate of KES2000/week inc. of VAT. On top of that we charge KES750/week for the e-fuel we provide in the form of a battery. 

Before pick-up of the bike, we charge a KES9500 deposit. 

These charges include maintenance under normal use. 

Yes, you receive the bicycle once the deposit is paid. The deposit is refundable once the e-bike has been returned to us with its accessories in original condition.

To be onboarded, you need to have a valid KRA pin and business registration number. Furthermore you will need to pay the deposit before pick-up. 

Once registration is complete, the onboarding begins and you shall receive safety and operational training then you shall receive the bike.

Ebee Africa offers the most flexible e-bike subscription. You can cancel the subscription whenever you want. After you’ve canceled, you will pay for one last month.

The e-bike subscription entails one e-bike, a charger, battery, whistle and a standard lock to ensure your e-bike is always secure.

At this moment it is not possible to buy an ebee. We only lease to corporate clients and business.. The reason we don’t sell ebees, is that the lack of service network in Kenya at the moment. 

However keep an eye out on our channels, we will be launching Purchase and Rent-to-Own options very soon. Share an email with [email protected] if you would like to be kept up to date on this. 

You can charge a battery from 20% to 80% in just 2 hours. A battery that is fully empty will take about 4 hours to charge. However, you can still cycle the normal way with an empty battery!

Our ebees (and most e-bikes) currently do not recharge by pedalling. However, we are always looking to adapt to new market needs, and if the market avails the technology, so will we!

The battery is enough to last on a range of 60 – 80 kms per charge. This also depends on the weight carried on the bike and if the roads are very hilly. 

Our ebees can cover upto 30 km/h, and they go uphill much faster than a regular bike! 

If e-bikes could go to higher speeds then they would be regulated like a motorbike which would require registration, licences, insurance, etc. The limit to where they can be ridden would also be upheld, e.g. Kenya’s Nairobi city does not allow entry of Bodaboda.\

Ebees are great because they do not require registration or licences and there are so many places that are accessible for an ebee.

With our e-bikes, you will be required to pedal. However, the ebee has an inbuilt torque sensor that measures how much effort the rider is applying to the pedals and the motor’s output will be regulated to match this. This makes it remarkably easier to pedal on an electric bike and the pedaling becomes easier as you cycle longer distances.

All normal wear and tear are included in the subscription. This means that during the rental period, maintenance is periodically carried out on-site to ensure that your ebees do not go out of service. Our team will contact you to schedule this.

However, damage due to mishandling or gross negligence is not covered. Bikes will be repaired within 2 hours. If the bike can’t be repaired within that time frame, the customer will receive a replacement bike.

In case of theft of the bike or parts of the bike, the customer loses the deposit (or up to the value of the stolen items). The customer also has to contact eBee immediately after discovery of theft and notify the police within 24 hours of discovery. If the customer does not provide a police report within 24 hours, the bike will be reported as stolen by the customer and a police report with all customer details will be filed.
  • An ebee is faster than a regular bike, our e-bikes can cover up to 30km per hour.
  • An ebee also rides uphill easily compared to normal bikes because of the assistance of the motor.
  • An ebee is also significantly cheaper than a motorbike since it uses no fuel.
  • And it’s fun! Try one, you’ll see.

For registered companies, the process is the same but we would require further details. Kindly fill in any of our contact forms and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the ebees are manufactured intact by design and it is not possible to detach a motor from the bike and attach it to a regular one.
Kindly reach out to our helpline 0706 777 888 which is available every day from 8:00 am – 10:00 pm and we shall be happy to assign one of our mechanics to assist you.

Any questions left unanswered?