Find answers to commonly asked questions about electric bicycles

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An e-bicycles is an electrically pedal assisted bicycle. It has a rechargeable battery and an assist motor. The motor works together with regular paddling like normal bicycle. The rider controls the amount of assistance provided by the motor using a pedal assist system.  The difference with a normal bike is that an e-bicycles requires much less effort to cycle and is much more fun to ride!
  • An ebee is faster than a regular bike, our e-bikes can cover up to 32km per hour. 
  • An ebee also rides uphill easily compared to normal bikes because of the assistance of the motor.
  • An ebee is also significantly cheaper than a motorbike/car since it uses no fuel and has very little maintenance costs
  • And it’s fun! Try one, you’ll see.

We currently only rent to businesses and corporates on a monthly subscription package.
The e-bicycle subscription entails one e-bicycle, a charger, battery, whistle and a standard lock to ensure your e-bicycle is always secure.

Yes you can purchase an e-bike from us starting from UGX 3,000,000. Learn more here or call us via 0709 622 743  or [email protected] for more  

You can charge a battery from 20% to 80% in just 2 hours. A battery that is fully empty will take about 4 hours to charge. However, you can still cycle the normal way with an empty battery!

Our ebees (and most e-bicycles) currently do not recharge by pedalling. However, we are always looking to adapt to new market needs, and if the market avails the technology, so will we!

The battery is enough to last up to 90 kms per charge. This also depends on the weight carried on the e-bicycle and if the roads are very hilly. 

Our ebees can cover upto 32 km/h, and they go uphill much faster than a regular bike! 

If e-bicycles could go to higher speeds then they would be regulated like a motorbike which would require registration, licences, insurance, etc. The limit to where they can be ridden would also be upheld.

Ebees are great because they do not require registration or licences and there are so many places that are accessible for an ebee.

Our e-bicycles have pedal assist technology, which means you will be required to pedal. However, they have an inbuilt torque sensor that measures how much effort the rider is applying to the pedals and the motor’s output will be regulated to match this. This makes it remarkably easier to pedal on an electric bicycle and the pedalling becomes easier as you cycle longer distances.

We have a service center at Old Portbell Road, Plot 9, Industrial Area, Kampala where you can have your bike serviced or maintained.

Unfortunately, the ebees are manufactured intact by design and it is not possible to detach a motor from the bike and attach it to a regular one.

Kindly reach out to our helpline 0709 622 743 which is available every day from 9: 00am – 7:00 pm and we shall be happy to assign one of our mechanics to assist you.

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