Bee Smart!
Join eBee as a rider and boost your earnings.

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Join the Hive!

eBee has a vibrant community of riders working for our various partner platforms. What makes eBee truly unique is that you need no investment or experience to start riding. eBee is open for everyone! 

Flexible hours

Ride when it suits you and be your own boss.

Weekly pay-outs

Get paid at the end of each week. All vehicle cost is included.

No license required

You only need an ID and a smartphone to start riding.

How to start riding with eBee

Increasing your earnings has never been easier


Complete sign-up

We require some basic information from you to get started. You need an ID and smartphone to sign up.


Get trained.

We train all riders on e-bicycle usage and safety to make sure they are ready to hit the streets. Riders also get training in the use of delivery platforms.


Start earning.

Start working for your platform of choice and experience the convenience of doing deliveries with an eBee.

* Income is not guaranteed by eBee and is dependent on supply of orders on the platform. 

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