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Electrified fleets are the future of mobility

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Tame your business costs

Switch to eBee electric bicycles and see your fuel and maintenance costs go down. eBee e-bicycles are reliable and efficient for last mile deliveries and movement across outlets.  

Whether you’re looking to provide your employees a faster and cheaper way to move or seeking better transport alternatives, our commuter and cargo e-bicycles understand your business.

Simple Payments

Receive a single monthly invoice, tailored to your eBee fleet size.


Scale your eBee fleet management to match your evolving needs.

Free Servicing

Save costs with zero repair and maintenance fees, 24/7.

Go green & reduce carbon footprint

For sustainability conscious businesses that are looking to reduce their business’s carbon footprint, eBee electric bicycles are a perfect alternative to fuel powered motorbikes or cars. eBees not only help your businesses stand out from competitors, they also encourage better health and environmental responsibility.

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An always moving fleet

Keep your customers happy as eBees keep your business moving. Our solutions are tailored to help you scale on demand. Whether purchasing, renting or getting our full service delivery, we do the heavy lifting helping you focus on what matters – your core business.


How to kick-start your e-bike journey

Full Service Delivery



Outsource delivery so you never have to worry about logistics again. We provide riders on e-bicycles to get your sales to your customer’s doorsteps. Easily scale as your business evolves.

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Serviced Rental


Free maintenance

Reduce businesses operating costs through a care-free service rental model. We provide e-bicycles on a weekly or monthly basis and offer routine service for free. Only Rwf 65,000 per month. Opt out any time.

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Purchase an e-bicycle


Contribute to better health and general well-being of your workforce and business. Get the eBx or Nyuki and forget about fuel or unexpected service costs. Accessible through flexible micro-finance options.

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