Electric Bicycles
built for Africa

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Economical for daily use

Say goodbye to petrol stations, and save money. eBee e–bikes are perfect if you’re looking for an affordable and practical way to get around.

eBee e-bicycles have zero fuel costs and are 2-3 times cheaper than e-motorbikes. They also outperform regular motorbikes on efficiency, transport costs and maintenance.

Save time

eBee electric bicycles provide easy and convenient travel whether you’re riding in the city, across vast project sites or upcountry. Slice through traffic, arrive sweatless and on time.

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Go anywhere

Charge your eBee conveniently with a regular power socket at home or on the go, and ride for up to 90 Km on a single charge.

Built for everyday use, get the perfect balance of practicality and convenience with eBee e–bikes.

Ride with us!

Join the eBee hive! Go green with our solutions for businesses.


8 Ways to Save Money by Riding an eBee Electric Bicycle

Lead by example

‘The future is in green growth’ was the spirit of Honourable William Samoei Ruto’s speech during the EU-Kenya business forum last December in Nairobi.

Moving Africa Forward

Moving Africa Forward eBee is an African e-mobility scale-up with Dutch roots. We are a for-profit enterprise with a strong social outlook. eBee is not